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Let The European Browser Wars Begin

Posted in Technology by larrycheng on March 1, 2010

Starting this week, about 190 million Windows PC users in the EU will be offered the chance to change browsers as part of the Microsoft settlement.  The process should take about 3 months.  The browsers being offered were selected based on market share in the EU.  Here are the 12 browsers being offered:

  1. Avant
  2. Flock
  3. Google Chrome
  4. GreenBrowser
  5. K-Meleon
  6. Maxthon
  7. Mozilla Firefox
  8. Opera
  9. Safari
  10. Sleipnir
  11. Slimbrowser
  12. Windows Internet Explorer

The browser selection pane is a non-standard horizontal scrolling pane where the top 5 browsers by market share show up first, and will randomly ordered.  The remaining 7 browsers show up when you scroll to the right, and those will be randomly ordered as well.  It should be interesting to see, if the results ever get published, what the mix will be once all is said and done. 

(disclosure: we are investors in Flock)