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“The Dullest Company At DEMO”

Posted in Technology, Venture Capital by larrycheng on September 24, 2009

For several months, Cortera has been working on the launch of the Cortera Credit Exchange where businesses can rate each other on how they pay their bills (my earlier blog post on why I’m so excited about it).  Waking up this past Tuesday morning when the DEMO embargoes cleared – I did a news search on Cortera and there was Rafe Needleman’s CNET article entitled “Tiny Cortera Swings For Dun & Bradstreet”.  Rafe’s article started with this ominous line, “I think I just found the dullest company at DEMOFall 09 to write about”.  Ouch.  But, the very next line points out how the boring blocking and tackling companies can find “huge success”.  Phew.  In a follow-up article, Rafe reaffirmed his dullness claim, but also called Cortera the “most disruptive business” at DEMO.  Yes!

While every other company wanted to be on the “coolest company” lists at DEMO, Jim Swift, Cortera’s CEO, decided to embrace their newfound fame as the dullest company at Demo.  Dull and proud of it!  Based on the great reception Cortera has gotten, it seems that in a sea of oh so cool, dull is in.

Cortera’s 6-minute demo at DEMO:

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