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Thinking About Thinking: Most Popular Blog Posts – November 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by larrycheng on November 4, 2009

I’m coming up on the six month anniversary of this blog, Thinking About Thinking.  I’ve written 54 posts in that time, so about 2 per week.  This blog was named after my favorite class in college – which was a multidisciplinary class on philosophy, science, and law.  In that vein, I wanted this blog to be “one serving VC, one serving technology, and 3 servings of other stuff of varying degrees of randomness and interest”.  Out of sheer curiosity (which is the genesis of most everything on this blog), I decided to look at my top 15 posts (by # of views) to see whether that ratio had held true.  Here it goes:

  1. Global VC Blog Directory (16,349)
  2. Where In the World Is Eduardo Saverin? (7,362)
  3. The Most Expensive Commercial Real Estate In The World Is A Place For Computers, Not People (4,667)
  4. Missionary CEOs v. Mercenary CEOs (2,096)
  5. How Can We Double Down? (1,345)
  6. It’s Hard To Get The News From The News (1,181)
  7. Relative Value v. Absolute Value (958)
  8. Harvard Business School Is Taking Over Boston VCs – For Better or Worse? (954)
  9. College Optional (945)
  10. What If The Federal Government Was An Average Household (798)
  11. Cortera: Turning The Business Credit Rating Industry Upside Down (725)
  12. The Learning Test (709)
  13. 4 Questions and 4 Pressure Tests To Decipher A VC’s Interest In Your Company (673)
  14. The Categories of Risk In the VC Brain (660)
  15. How To Easily Subscribe to VC Blogs (548)

It looks like the real ratio is more like 3 servings VC/tech and 2 servings other stuff.  Still enough variety to keep things interesting.  Thanks for reading everyone. 

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