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Favorite VC Blog Posts – June 26, 2009

Posted in Venture Capital by larrycheng on June 26, 2009

Once again, my favorite VC blog posts of the last couple weeks.  It seemed to be a lighter couple weeks of blogging – clearly the summer is upon us.   In no particular order:

  1. The Heart of the Matter.  Mark Solon, Highway 12 Ventures (med device VCs really do cool stuff)
  2. Geeks Linked To Business = Success.  Rick Segal, JLA Ventures (wish all of my companies thought this way)
  3. There’s “something called the Internet”. Seth Levine, Foundry Group (nostalgic video of how we talked about the Internet 15 years ago)
  4. Making the illiquid, liquid.  Lee Hower, Point Judith Capital (this is an important trend to watch)
  5. Transcending Moore’s Law.  Steve Jurvetson, DFJ (stop looking at stock charts, our business is about this chart)

The VCs covered are those in the Global VC Blog Directory.  If you know of other VC blogs not covered in the directory, please leave a comment on that post.  I’m planning an update in July. 



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