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How To Easily Subscribe To VC Blogs

Posted in Venture Capital by larrycheng on June 1, 2009

Given many requests to subscribe in bulk to the Global VC Blog Directory, here are some options.

Google Reader Subscribers (& Atom/OPML users)

You can also click on the link, download the OPML file and import it into any feed reading service like Feedshow, Steamy, Google Android, iPhone Reader, and Google Wave.

As a reminder, I will provide a synopsis with links to the best VC blog posts from the entire directory of VC bloggers every 1-2 weeks for those of you who don’t want to read through each blog.  Though, if you have the time, I’d recommend reading the blogs directly since the content is quite good.

*I have included this blog in all of the feeds so that you can get updates (like this one).  Feel free to delete this blog if you don’t want it.