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Best VC Blog Posts – May 28, 2009

Posted in Venture Capital by larrycheng on May 28, 2009

After publishing the Global VC Blog Directory, I thought it’d be appropriate to publish the first of what I hope will be a bi-weekly round-up of the best blog posts from the VCs in the directory (in my personal opinion).  I’m not totally sure yet whether there’s enough good content to do a summary like this every couple of weeks, but if there is that will be the frequency.  So, here it goes (in no particular order):

By the way, after pulling together the directory, here are the firms with the most bloggers:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners (6)
  • First Round Capital (5)
  • Spark Capital (4)
  • Foundry Group (4)
  • Flybridge Capital Partners (3)
  • Ignition Partners (3)

Interesting to see broader firm-wide commitment to blogging.  At some point I may have to chat with some folks at those firms to see how blogging has impacted their firm.